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Sunset on the Beach

If there is one common trait shared by humanity, it is that we were made to share stories.  At Project319 we know the innate power of storytelling. 

We want to connect people’s hearts to the beauty and wonder of what it is to know that you are loved, and the freedom that you can live in.  


At Project319 we believe in authentic, experiential storytelling based on a revelation that God is our father. There is no story we will create that has not been personally felt, seen and had this experience of being loved.


We capture and document different stories: hundreds of hour of passion, joy, love and discovery in this Revelation of the Father’s Love.  

We tell stories that are created from the life of individuals all over the world who have had an experience of being loved. The story of our relationship with God is ever growing and we want to help contribute to what it is to live in this life with Him. 

It is from this that we create our films.


We want to connect peoples hearts to the beauty and wonder of what it is like to be loved by the one who created everything.  Our films are stories of hope.  

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