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 Project319 believes that real change happens from the inside out. We know that parenting can be hard and can feel overwhelming. We believe that as parents, we can only give with what has been given to us. Our parenting curriculum comes from a foundation of knowing that we are loved and in return our children know that we are loving them.


 The course is a series of 8 consecutive in person class that looks at why we parent the way that we do. We look at the blockages that can get in the way of parenting, so once they are removed, we start to see a connection with our children. Listed below is an outline of material that is covered in the class.

  • Who We Are and How We Parent

  • Parent Types

  • How Shame Affects Our Parenting

  • Teaching Your Child Humility

  • Comforting a Child- Instilling Self Esteem

  • Communication Skills- Seeing, Listening, Communicating 

  • Discipline- Tough Love Vs. Unconditional Love

  • Diverse Family/ Play- Child’s Freedom

Please feel free to contact if you are interested in setting up an in person class.

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