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Artist & Translator


 Desmont is a Vermont based visual artist. His artistic journey begin in Haiti in his early childhood observing trogon birds and ridding on Taptaps. Later on inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso whose inspirations went back to Africa. And the original American painter Georgia O’keefe.


 This modernist artist employs deep vibrant colors, lines and shapes that are at times mesmerizing and evokes a quickening in the hearts and body of onlookers akin to a happy experience.

 Desmont teaches and helps develop workshops for students in grades from kindergarten to senior high school in partnership with local school districts and the Clemmons Family Farm.- one of the rare African American-owned. 


 Founder of Draw 1 Inc., a nonprofit organization with the mission to provide access to art and education, directly to one needy Haitian child at a time. To foster hope and prepare them for more opportunities.



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